Centrifugal Filtration for Marine Craft

Westate Diesel Systems provides West-Australian marine industries with modern fluid cleaning products and expert field support services. We specialise in supporting the Spinner II® Centrifuge and turbo II Precleaner® product ranges.

The benefits of our marine products include:

  • Extended service time – Operators can maintain vessels on the water, not undergoing servicing at the dock.
  • Increased efficacy of oil used – meaning there is less wastage of valuable resources.
  • Compact fitting sizes and simple installation – Uninterrupted regular operation of your vessel, with no heavy weight to slow the pace.
  • Centrifuges are designed to be remount mounted – On some vessels, filters are mounted on the inboard side of the engines for ease of servicing and inspection.
  • Reliability of engine performance – Peace of mind for operating safely in those high-risk, time-sensitive or less-than-perfect conditions.


Spinner II® Captures Bad Guys!

Cygnet V WA Police Vessel with Model 996 Centrifuges

Not a headline you are likely to see in the West Australian, but SpinnerII® Oil filtration system is playing its part in fighting crime on our waters. Recently, the WA Water Police fitted a Spinner II® centrifugal oil filters to the engines of its Fremantle based craft.

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