FM400 Centrifugal Filter

FM400 Filter | Westate Diesel Systems
FM400 Filter | Westate Diesel Systems

*Upgraded Product - The FM400 replaces the older Spinner II 3400 and 400HD variants.

Engine-mounted or side mounted which operates on oil pressure only. Supporting up to 4000cc of contaminants and Up to 8 GPM or 30.3 litres per minute. Re-usable rotor with paper insert for easy bowl cleaning.

FM400 for Heavy-duty Industrial, Mining & Fixed Plant Operation

The FM400 replaces the Spinner II Model 3400 and 400HD variants. This centrifuge is designed for heavy-duty fixed plant operations including industrial, mining and power generation applications.


  • Up to 8 GPM or 30.3 Litres per minute
  • Up to 4,000cc of Contaminants
  • Re-Useable Rotor
  • Paper Insert to Assist in Cleaning
  • With or Without LCB*

*Level Control Base - allowing for a much smaller return line and also parallel or slightly uphill oil return to the sump. The LCB requires compressed air sources for operation.


Key Capabilities

Protects Machinery:

Reduces wear up to 50%
Increases engine / component life
Helps reduce frequency of maintenance and repair

Extends Operating Intervals:

Keeps fluids and additives effective longer
Prolongs full flow filter life
Centrifuge requires minimal service

Eliminates Waste:

Permanent, cleanable and reusable
No media or filter element to replace
Protects the environment by reducing disposable waste

Component Part Numbers:

72953; 72948; 72951; 72949; 72984; 72988; 72950; 72952; 72956; 72988; 72984; 72954; 72955; 72986; 72947; 70728; 73034; 70971; 71566; 70887; 72946

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