Model 25 Engine-mounted or side mounted which operates on oil pressure only. Centrifugal oil purification system that removes particles down to .1 Micron. Extends oil change interval and engine life.
Official Spinner II® Centrifuge Distributor for Western Australia - Westate Diesel Systems

Engine-mounted or side mounted which operates on oil pressure only. Supporting up to 250cc of contaminants and up to 0.8 GPM or 3 litres per minute. Disposable rotor - no bowl cleaning with and without LCB.

Model 25 for Diesel Engines

Heavy-duty oil cleaner for diesel engines that helps to protect your engine against premature wear. Provides bypass filtration, diverting a small side stream of oil (approximately 0.8 gpm or 3 lpm by volume), cleaning it thoroughly and returning it to the crankcase.

Key Capabilities

Protects Machinery:

  • Reduces wear up to 50%
  • Increases engine / component life
  • Helps reduce frequency of maintenance and repair

Extends Operating Intervals:

  • Keeps fluids and additives effective longer
  • Prolongs full flow filter life
  • Centrifuge requires minimal service

Eliminates Waste:

  • Permanent, cleanable and reusable
  • No media or filter element to replace
  • Protects the environment by reducing disposable waste

Component Part Numbers

71957; 71080; 71081; 71082; 71083; 71085; 71086; 71087; 71089; 71088; 71952; 71085; 71979; 71084; 71950; & 71091

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