Turbo III Precleaner

Turbo III Precleaner – Made up of high strength glass-reinforced polymer.


Made up of high strength glass-reinforced polymer, the turbo® III Precleaner carries the same high efficiency, low restriction reputation of the turbo II only lighter and easier to install.

turbo® III Precleaner Highlights

  • Specified and used by OEM’s world-wide
  • Durable, corrosion-proof, engineered polymer construction
  • Ensures several years of trouble-free service
  • Same efficient “top-down” flow design as the industry leader, turbo II
  • Offered in 4 sizes and multiple inlet diameters for convenient installation
  • 15 – 1100 CFM
  • Durable Glass-Filled Polymer Construction
  • Lighter and Smaller
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to mount
  • Economical and Rugged
  • Proven by OEM’s in Demanding Applications
  • Heavy duty stainless steel band clamp

Offering the same superior protection against damaging micro abrasive dust as the turbo II is our latest generation pre-cleaner, the Turbo III. Made up of high strength glass-reinforced polymer, the Turbo III Pre-cleaner carries the same high efficiency, low restriction reputation of the Turbo II only lighter and easier to install.

Design & Specifications

turbo® III Precleaner is made out of 33% glass-reinforced polymer (nylon 6) and is designed with the same “TOP DOWN” airflow as the turbo® II. The “Top Down” design draws dirty air through the protective screen at the top of the unit. The patented “stacked vane” forces the incoming air to spin and cause separation of dust and dirt from the air by centrifugal force. The dust and debris then spins down the wall of the main chamber and into the blower chamber where the high velocity spinner forces the dirt to the discharge ports at the base of the unit. As the velocity of the primary air stream increases, it ejects out additional dirt and debris providing the cleanest possible air to the filter element. This design offers exceptional balance between added restriction and efficiency. The new patented “stacked vane” configuration has improved the precleaner efficiency by preventing the blow-through effect common in other polymer units.

Additional Information

turbo® III is currently manufactured in four sizes and covers a CFM range from 15 to 1100 CFM. Additionally, turbo® III is also available as an “inline” model (Flex-N-Line™) for mounting the Precleaner under the hood and allowing the engine to still draw in fresh, clean air in high dust environments. All turbo® Precleaners are independently tested to industry SAE J726 and ISO 5001 standards.

Model Variants & Part Numbers

Description/ Size | Model Number

Model 15-2″ | 21-1320000
Model 15-2″ Bullnose | 21-1320001
Model 50-3″ | 21-1333000
Model 50-4″ | 21-1330001
Model 200-4.5″ | 21-1345000
Model 200-5″ | 21-1350000
NEW Model 390-5″ | 21-1450000
NEW Model 390-6″ | 21-1460000
NEW Model 390-7″ | 21-1470000
Model 500-6″ | 21-1360000
Model 500-7″ | 21-1370000
Model 500-8″ | 21-1380000