Turbo III Flex-N-Line

Turbo III Flex-N-Line – Offers the advantage to install a rotary ejective precleaner with the performance to operate efficiently under the hood.


Just as smooth as the Turbo III the Turbo III Flex-N-Line offers the advantage to install a rotary ejective pre-cleaner with the performance to operate efficiently under the hood.

turbo® III Flex-N-Line™ Highlights

  • The only inline available on the market
  • Extends engine air filter life
  • “Top Down” air flow design
  • 75-475 CFM
  • 2 sizes offered
  • Under Hood Air Intake Precleaner
  • Utilizes existing air intake
  • No holes in hood
  • No impaired vision
  • Better engine efficiency
  • Power and fuel-efficient
  • Plastic
  • Cool air to the engine
  • Straight through-flow
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Heavy duty stainless steel band clamp

Low in restriction and efficient across a wide operating range, Flex-N-line is a good option for off-highway machines like cranes, tele handlers, skid steers and other machines where space is limited.

turbo® III Flex-N-Line™ is made out of 33% glass-reinforced polymer (nylon 6), and is designed to be installed in line with the engine and out of.

Model Information

turbo® III Flex N Line™ is currently manufactured in two sizes and covers a CFM range from 75 to 475 CFM.

No other competitor offers an “under the hood” pre-cleaner. The turbo® III Flex-N-Line™ is the ONLY in-line rotary ejective pre-cleaner model available on the market.

All turbo® Pre-cleaners are independently tested to industry SAE J726 and ISO 5001 standards.

Resources & Documentation

turbo® III Flex-N-Line™ Sizing Chart

Flex-N-Line Brochure (PDF)

Sizing Calculator